A new product to compliment Fit And Fertile Ltd® range of supplements to promote health & well being and increasing puppy survival.


The pregnant bitches’ companion!

A supplement to be added to the bitches diet, as a top dressing or mixed in with food, 7-10 days before expected whelping (not to be administered after whelping).  Help-2-Whelp helps generate prolonged muscle contraction during whelping, reducing inter-puppy birth interval, ultimately reducing the occurrence of stillbirths.

Recommend Daily Requirements:
(7-10 days before expected whelping) Not to be given after whelping.

Small Breed          1 scoop of Help-2-Whelp formula

Medium Breed      1.25 scoops of Help-2-Whelp formula

Large                    2 level scoops of Help-2-Whelp formula

Giant Breed           2 heaped scoops of Help-2-Whelp formula

If for any reason the pregnant bitch reject the preparation on her food, then add 1 part of Help-2-Whelp + 4 parts of water and administer by mouth once a day.

Help-2-Whelp contains the following ingredients;
Calcium ions (Ca2+), Dextrose (blood sugar), Electrolytes. Nucleotides.

Success in Whelping
Whelping is generally assessed on the number of puppies produced.  Ultimately, there are two main factors that contribute to maximizing success;

·        Number born alive

·        Survival to weaning

Still Births
Recorded data shows 1–1.5 puppies per litter are delivered still born.  Approximately 70% of classified still births are alive at birth but are severely anoxic (oxygen deficient) and die immediately.  Prolonged whelping is the primary cause of anoxia as it is related to compression/premature rupture of the umbilical cord resulting in asphyxia.

Many factors are known to affect the occurrence of still borns.  The major factors known to directly influence stillbirths are;

·        Litter Size

·        Physical Fitness of the bitch

·        Parity (No. of pregnancies)

Litter Size
Large litters increase the inter-puppy birth interval due to the bitch experiencing muscle fatigue thus increasing the risk of anoxia.  In addition, as the number of puppies born increases birth weights decrease therefore the puppies are less viable leading to an additive risk.

Physical Fitness
Prolonged whelping is caused by reduced physical fitness, excessive feed consumption, constipation, excess fat, stress and age.

The average whelping interval;

·        Bitches                       40 min

·        Maiden Bitches          30 min

However, poor physical condition can increase the whelping interval to 60 min +.

With increasing parity the duration of parturition increases ultimately increasing stillbirths.  Risk factors associated with parity:-

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