Emergency 0-36

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Preparing for emergencies within 0-36 hours of life

Emergency 0-36 Frozen Plasma (FP) for Newborn Pups requires to be orally administered using the syringe from 0-36 hours from birth. At this early stage in life, newborn pups are at their most vulnerable to disease and infections. 0-36 hours is the most important time for newborn survival and to reduce Fading Puppy Syndrome. 

The Veterinary Profession has been using Frozen Plasma (FP) Treatment for many years and has proven results in Puppy Survival Rates.

What is Emergency 0-36 used for?

  • Fading Puppy Syndrome
  • Weak and Orphan newborns
  • Underweight and Struggling newborns
  • Pups from large litter size
  • Hypoproteinemia (loss of Protein in blood)
  • Anaemia
  • Immature Immune System
  • Insufficient quality and quantity of milk supplied from lactating bitch
  • Traumatic or Surgical Shock
  • Protects against viral diseases and infections
  • Proven to increase newborn survival rates

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